MIL Publishing - Who are we

MIL Publishing is a long-standing content publishing house with an in-house staff of experienced writers, editors and content creators who specialize in producing industry journals, setting up online sites and content for customers in a vast range of areas, and in promotion on social media, including producing videos for YouTube, and building webpages and social profiles. MIL recently began working in the tourism industry through a website and YouTube channel we created called ("Traveler" in Hebrew), designed to expose the Israeli tourist to new experiences and destinations. It is here, in this growing area, that we see our future.

Our sites

We own a numerous of content sites in different fields

Turism site

Site dealing with interior design

One of a number of real estate sites

Site of baking recipes

Our books

We publish books of various kinds. Some are translated into English and sold on Amazon and other channels

Little treasure

Natalie sets off on a journey, and with the help of a few nice people, she brings a sweet and smiley baby into the world.

Life is

Quotes about life and its meaning, said over the ages

Love is

Great quotes on love, said over the years by the great, and some rather less so


Over the years we have published a long series of magazines in Hebrew and English, in various fields, from finance, real estate to lifestyle and tourism